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Schweizer Alpenpanorama Appenzeller Alps, Alpstein, Marwees 2056m 2.4km, Ebenalp panorama, Bogartenfirst 1811m 2.1km, Hüser 1951m 4km, Mittlere Hüser, 1949m 4km, Höch Hus 1926m 4.1km, Freiheitstürm 2107m 3.6km, Altmann 2435m 5.7km, Altmannkamm 2410m 5.5km, Säntis 2502m 6.3km, Kronberg 1663m 6.3km, Schäfler 1925m 1.7km, Girenspitz 2448m 6.3km, Lisengrat 2310m 6.1km, Fliskopf 2386m 5.7km, Fälentürm 2222m 4.8km, Fälenschafberg 2104m 4.2km, Bötzelchopf 1911m 3.4km, Swiss Alps
Panorama - Ebenalp.
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Ebenalp is located in the northern end of the Alpstein mountains, at an altitude of 1644m on a ridge that extends from the summit of Säntis over the peak Schäfler. Ebenalp is easily accessible by cable car from Wasserauen.

Ebenalp, Aescher, Lisengrat 2310m 6.3km, Altmann 2435m 5.9km, Altmannkamm 2410m 5.8km, Fliskopf 2386m 5.9km, Hüser 1951m 3.9km, Alp Siegel 1769m 2km, Kleine Hüser 1886m 3.9km, Furgglenfirst 1949m 3.9km, Bogartenfirst 1811m 2.1km, Marwees 2056m 2.6km, Falentürm 2224m 6.1km, Rossmahd 1940m 4.2km Appenzeller Alps
Panorama - Äscher.

The Äscher mountain guest house was built in 1846 in one of the caves of the Wildkirchli below Ebenalp. The location of the building under the overhanging rock face, fascinates the visitors. The present building was erected in the year 1860 in place of a rock shelter for eremitical monks. The building is a listed monument. FFrom here the trail continues (mostly through the forest) steeply and somewhat arduously down to the Seealpsee. Good shoes are required and it is recommended that children are roped up. It should be noted, there are always people who have fatal accidents on this path.

Seealpsee Fliskopf 2386m 4km, Altmann 2435m 4km, Fliskopf 2386m 4km, Säntis 2502m 4.9km, Rossmahd 1940m 2.5km
Panorama - Seealpsee.

The Seealpsee is located at an altitude of 1143 meters, has an area of 13.6 hectares and is only 15 meters deep. It lies between lush alpine meadows that nestle on the slopes of the surrounding mountains. The Säntis, and other peaks are reflected on the blue-green water surface.