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Oberhalbstein (Val Surses)
Oberhalbstein panorama, Val Surses Savognin panorama, Piz Arblatsch 3'203 m (10 km), Piz Arlos 2'696 m (7 km), Piz Martegnas 7km, Piz Martegnas 7km, Piz Toissa 2'657 m (5 km), Piz Cagniel, Piz Martegnas 7km, Piz Cagniel  2'970m  13km
Panorama from along the road between the villages Tiefencastel and Cunter.

The Oberhalbstein Valley, also known as Val Surses, stretches from the village Tiefencastel to Bivio at the Julier Pass Road. Most of the valley is located within Nature Park Ela, which was founded in the year 2006 and covers an area of about 600 square kilometres.

Rona panorama Switzerland Marmorera See; Val Surses; Muotta 2069m 1.8km; Crap da Dadons 2366m 4.7km; Piz Grevasalvas 2’932 m (10 km) Kopie; Piz Mitgel 3159m 11.7km; Piz Spegnas 2620m 4.7km, Oberhalbstein panorama, Rona Ebene, Val Surses, Piz Mitgel 3'159 m (6 km). Piz Arlos 2'696 m (3 km), Piz Spegnas 2'620 m (2 km)
Early morning on a late autumn day, morning frost and morning fog lies over the Rona Plateau.

Swiss panorama Mulegns panorama Oberhalbstein, Val Surses, Swiss mountain panorama,  Mulegns,  Piz Mitgel (3'158 m), Corn da Tinizong (3'173 m).
Panorama Mulegns, a view from below the small village Mulegns towards Piz Mitgel (3'158 m / left) and Corn da Tinizong (3'173 m / right).

Panorama Marmorera
Panorama Marmorerasee, a view from the Marmorera dam.

The Marmorera lake with a surface area of 1.41 km2 formed after the completion of the Marmorera dam in 1954 when the old village of Marmorera was flooded. The village was rebuilt above the lake.