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Oberes Toggenburg
Toggenburg panorama Churfirsten Alpenpanorama Bergpanorama Toggenburg chweizer Alpen panorama; Neu St. Johann;; Schären 2194m 10.1km; Wart 2068m 10.1km; Selun 2205m 10.1km; Brisi 2279m 10.9km; Brisi 2279m 10.9km; Zuestoll 2235m 11.1km; Schibenstoll 2236m 11.5km
Panorama - The Churfirsten in the evening light as seen from above Neu St. Johann.
The summits Zuestoll, Brisi, Frümsel, Selun and Schären.
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The Upper Toggenburg forms together with the Nekar Valley, the Middle Toggenburg and the Lower Toggenburg the geographic region Toggenburg. The highest mountain is the 2502 meter high Säntis in the Alpstein massif. However, the characteristic landmark of Toggenburg is the mountain range of the Churfirsten.

Iltios panorama Alpstein, Iltios, Bergpanorama, Schwarzchopf 1798m 1949m 5km, Schofwisspitz 1989m 4.8km, Lütispitz 1987m 4.9km, Stöllen 1967m 4.9km, Stoss 2111m 5.6km, Grenzchopf 2193m 7km, Grauchopf 2216m 7.4km, Säntis 2502m 7.6km, Gir 2168m 6.9km, Wildhuser Schafberg 2373m 5.8km, Moor 1342m 6.4km , Wildhuser Schafbergwand 1908m 5km, Gulmen 1994m 6.9km, Ruchnüel 2106m 7.5km, Roslen First 2151m 9.2km1, Tristen 1920m 6km, Lisegrat 2310m 7.3km, Hundstein 1904m 6.4km, Spitzbergli 2119m 7km, Gamschopf 1959m 5.2km, Swiss mountain panorama,
Iltios panorama, a view from Iltios towards the Alpstein Massif.
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Iltios is located at an altitude of 1262 meters, about 400 meters above the valley floor. Iltios can be reached on foot, by bike or comfortably with a funicular from Unterwasser. From here, a cable car also leads further up to the Chäserrugg at 2262 meters above sea level. Chäserrugg is the easternmost peak of the 7 main peaks of the Churfirsten chain.