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Oberengadin panorama Madulein 
Oberengadin Panorama, Madulein panorama, Piz Mezzaun 2'963 m (2.5 km), Spih d'Esan 2'823 m (8 km), Munt M üsella 2630m 4km, Piz Mezzaun 2'963 m (2.5 km), Piz Arpiglia 2'765 m (4 km), Piz Murtiröl 2'660 , Piz d'Esan 3'127 m (9 km),  Piz d'Esan 3'127 m (9 km)
Upper Engadine Valley panorama.
A view from between Madulain and Zuoz.

The Upper Engadine valley at an altitude of 1'600 - 1'800 metres follows the route of the Inn River from Maloja and the Upper Engadine Lakes Area to Punt Ota (between Cinuos-chel und Brail). Ova da Punt Ota is the name of a small river seperating the Upper Engadine Valley from the Lower Engadine Valley.

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