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The data source for mountains and waterfalls on postage stamps is offline.

I created this data source over years out of pure idealism to promote philately and without financial ulterior motives.

Many existing postage stamps are based on pictures taken by photographers (for example Tuvalu 2016, "Alaska Sesquicentennial" showing Mt. McKinley, a photograph can be found on the website of getty images).

My experience has shown that it cannot be excluded that a photographer may consider charging royalties for the reproduction of such a postage stamp issue.

As a consequence of these experiences I have decided to remove the data source from the Internet. I would like to use my time elsewhere, instead of negotiating with photographers about license fees, or with lawyers to clarify the legal aspects.

Instead of mountains and waterfalls on postage stamps, some of my own images, mostly Swiss mountain panoramas are now presented on my website.

"Make Philately Great Again"

The Webmaster
(November 2018)