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Efate island is the most populous island of Vanuatu. It covers an area of 899.5 square kilometres and the highest elevation is the Mt. McDonald at 674 metres.



Vanuatu 1980, map of Efate Island.
The Yasur Volcano is depicted below the map.

The stamp was issued in the series "1st Definitive Series — Maps of Vanuatu" and is existing inscribed in english "postage" on watermarked paper and in french "postes" on unwatermarked paper.


Vanuatu 1993, North Efate Islands.
The stamp shows a view from Efate island towards the small Nguna Island.
The Nguna island is dissected by two extinct volcano craters of Mt. Marow 472 m and 593 m.

In the north and west of Efate are some small islands, known as Eratoka, Lelepa, Moso, Nguna, Pele, Kakalu and Emao Island.


Vanuatu 1993, Iririki Island & Port Vila.

Iririki Island is a privately lease held small island in the Mele Bay. Port Vila is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Vanuatu.



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