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  1913 – 1999 

The Matterhorn, also known as Cervino (in Italy) is a major peak of the Pennine Alps and situated on the border between Switzerland and Italy. The Matterhorn has become an iconic emblem of the Swiss Alps. The famous north, east and west face of the mountain are located within Switzerland. The southface lies in Italy.

The mountain overlooks the village of Zermatt in the canton of Valais to north-east and Breuil-Cervinia in the Aosta Valley to the south.

First Ascent: 14.07.1865 by Edward Whymper, Charles Hudson, Francis Douglas, Robert Hadow, Michel Croz from Chamonix, Peter Taugwalder (father) and Peter Taugwalder (son) from Zermatt.

However, on the descent, four members of the party (Croz, Douglas, Hadow and Hudson) slipped and were killed, the rope between them and the three surviving members of the party snapped as they slid.


mountainstamp.com Matterhorn Cervino mountain stamp 1913 Helvetia

Switzerland 1913, Helvetia and Matterhorn in background.
(Helvetia is the female national personification of Switzerland)

180 degree panorama from near Riffelalp transtation.
More panoramas of the Zermatt area you can see here.


Italy 1944, issued by Comitati di Liberazione Nazionale.
The image shows the Matterhorn south face.
(existing perforated and imperforated / not listed in Michel and Scott)
CLN stands for 'Comitati di Liberazione Nazionale' or Committee for National Liberation. At the end of the Second World War, a number of towns in Northern Italy issued their own stamps, also overprinted stamps. In some case these were little more than propaganda issues to raise funds from philatelists.


mountainstamp.com Matterhorn Cervino mountain stamp 1962 San Marino

San Marino 1962, The east and northface of Matterhorn, seen from Zermatt (Switzerland).
The stamp was issued in the series "Alpinism".


Switzerland 1965, Matterhorn.


Italy 1969
The stamp shows at the right the south face of the Matterhorn.
The symbol at the left shows Mole Antonelliana, a major landmark building in Turin, Italy (with a height of 167.5 meters).


Switzerland 1988, "Pro Aero".
Junkers JU-52 and Matterhorn north face.
The stamp was issued again in the year 1994 as stamp on stamp issued by Uruquay.


Uruguay 1994, "150th Anniversary of First Swiss Postage Stamps".
(existing perforated and imperforated)
(the imperforated blocks are not valid for postage) 


Antugua & Barbuda 1991, Gornergrat Railway.

The Gornergratbahn (GGB) is a nine-kilometre metre-gauge mountain rack railway.  It leads from Zermatt (Switzerland) 1’604 m, up to the Gornergrat 3’089 m. The Gornergrat is a starting point for many hikes, as it lies surrounded by 29 peaks rising above 4'000 m in the Alps and several glaciers, including the Gorner Glacier (which is known as the second longest glacier in the Alps).


www.mountainstamp.com Matterhorn mountain stamp


Sierra Leone 1991.
The miniaturesheet is showing the Christmas Card of the Walt-Disney-Company (1960).
The Matterhorn in the background.


mountainstamp.com Matterhorn Cervino mountain stamp 1962 San Marino

Guyana 1994, Matterhorn.
The stamps are existing perforated and imperforated and were issued in the series "100th Anniversary of Sierra Club".


Nicaragua 1994, Zeppelin in front of the Matterhorn.
The stamp was issued in the series "Graf Zeppelin".


www.mountainstamp.com Matterhorn Cervino mountain stamp 1995 Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands 1995, Mirage 2000C.
The Matterhorn in the background.


www.mountainstamp.com Matterhorn mountain stamp

Equatorial Guinea 1995, Matterhorn in the background.
The souvenirsheet is showing the Gornergrat Railway between the trainstations Riffelalp and Riffelboden.


Mali Switzerland Mount Matterhorn on miniaturesheet issued 1996

Mali 1996, east face of Matterhorn, seen from the cable car station "Trockener Steg".
(existing perforated and imperforated)

Trockener Steg is a minor summit at the foot of the Matterhorn. A cable car station lies on the summit and gives access to the Klein Matterhorn. The Klein Matterhorn 3'883 m (located in Switzerland) is the highest point in the Zermatt-Cervinia ski area and the end point of the highest cable car in Europe (terminal at 3'820 metres).


www.mountainstamp.com 150th Anniversary of Railways in Switzerland Matterhorn Rigi stamp Briefmarke

Niger 1997, 150th anniversary of railways in Switzerland.

The illustration of the souvenirsheet is showing the rack railway to the Gornergrat, near Riffelalp trainstation and the Matterhorn. On the right it is showing the rack railway to Mount Rigi over the Schnurtobel-Viaduct, which was the first mountain rack railway in Europe.

Niger 1997, 150th anniversary of railways in Switzerland.
The illustration is showing the Matterhorn, the Monte Rosa massif, Liskamm and other peaks of the Pennine Alps in the background, seen from the Zermatt area.

Crocodile locomotive (Gotthard Railway), RE460 locomotive (Swiss Federal Railway)
Fleche Rouge Railcar, Spanisch Brötli Bahn

Lesotho 1998
The stamp shows a Swiss Class A 3/5 locomotive (built from SLM Winterthur between 1902 and 1922 / Whyte notation 4-6-0 for the Jura–Simplon and the Gotthard Railway lines) with the Mt. Matterhorn in the background.


Chad Swiss Rail way stamps 1998

Chad 1998
The left part of the illustration depicts the Matterhorn.
The illustration is identic with the upper part of an old Swiss Travel Poster for the Jura-Simplon Railway line.

The miniaturesheet was issued in the series "150 Years Swiss Railways".


Switzerland 1998, "Sion 2006".
The Matterhorn was part of the emplem of the candidate city Sion for the Olympic WInter Games 2006.
It is existing as postal stationery card as well. FED CUP 19.-20.9.1998 Geneva, "Good luck for Swiss Sion candidature".


Switzerland 1998


Uruguay 1998, "Exposicion Filatelica Tematica International".
One stamp shows the emblem of "Sion 2006".


Switzerland 1999
"Olympic Wintergames 2006, Participation in the final round"
The stamp never issued, it is existing only overprinted "NON VALABLE" in blocks of four on numbered cards of Swiss post. 


mountainstamp.com Matterhorn Cervino mountain stamp 1999 China

China 1999, Matterhorn in background "22th Postal Union Congress, Beijing".
In the foreground the historic building "Rathaus zum Äusseren Stand" in Bern, Switzerland, where the first Postal Union Congress was held in 1874.


1913 – 1999