Hoher Kasten 1'795 m

The Hoher Kasten is situated in the Appenzell Alps and is overlooking the Rhine valey. Its summit is connected by a cable car from Brülisau, near Appenzell.

Switzerland Mount Kamor and Hoher Kasten Briefmarke stamp francobolli issued 1941

Switzerland 1941, Mt. Kamor and Hoher Kasten seen from the west.
The stamp was issued in the series "Definitive - Airmail Stamps".  


Switzerland Hoher Kasten mountain stamp Briefmarke francobolli issued from Liechtenstein 1991

Liechtenstein 1991, Lienzer Spitz and Hoher Kasten.
A view from Lienz (between Sennwald and Rüthi (SG).
Painting by Hedwig Scherrer (1878-1940).


Johann Ludwig Bleuler, Confluence of the Ill and Rhine stamp issued by Liechtenstein 2007 

Liechtenstein 2007, Confluence of the Ill and Rhine river.
Painting by Johann Ludwig Bleuler (1792-1850).
The confluence is located near Rüthi (Switzerland) and Meiningen (Austria) . It shows a view from the north towards the Alpstein and Alvier Ranges.

The mountain in the foreground is the Hoher Kasten.
(viewpoint appr. 47°18'26.74"N 9°33'52.06"E)

The stamp was issued in the series "Liechtenstein by the Alpine Rhine".