Glärnisch 2'915 m
Glärnisch Swiss Soldier stamps

The Glärnisch is a 2'915 m high mountain in the Glarus Alps. It is overlooking the Glarus municipality (477 metres) about 2'438 metres. At a clear day the mountain massif forms also an imposing backdrop of the lake Zürich area.

The massif consists of several summits of which the highest, unnamed peak is 2'915 metres high. Other summits are the Bächistock (2'914 m), the Vrenelisgärtli (2'904 m) and the Ruchen (2'901 m).

Glärnisch Zürichsee Glärnisch massif seen from lake Zürich area
Glärnisch massif from the west, viewpoint Herrlisberg at Lake Zürich.
(more Swiss panoramas you can see here)


Switzerland 1923-1925, Airmail stamps.
It seems, that the image of the stamps depicts a view towards the Glänrnisch massif from the West (please see picture above).
The 20 Rp stamp was depicted as stamp on stamp on the special stamp "50th Aerophilately Days", issued 2016.


Switzerland 1935 Airmail stamp

Switzerland 1935
The 15 Rp. stamp exists surcharged 10 Rp.

Switzerland / Russia 1999
"Russian General Suworow and his troops across the Swiss Alps"
The stamp was issued together with the stamp of the Schöllenen gorge, showing the Suworow monument.  

The postage stamp is showing a view from lake Klöntal (848 m above sealevel) to minor summits of the Glärnisch massif. The highest peak is not visible on the postage stamp. It is situated more on the left and behind) 

180 degree panorama from the Klöntal lake (low water level) with the imposing Glärnisch massif.
(the panorama with identified peaks you can see here)

Switzerland 2016, "50th Aerophilately Days".
The stamp shows the 20 Rp Airmail stamp, issued 1925 as stamp on stamp.