Urner Alps at Lake Uri

The easternmost bay or arm of the lake Lucerne stretching from Brunnen to Flüelen. This part of the lake is also known as Lake Uri. The bay is shaped, steep cliffs and towering peaks. The Mt. Gitschen at 2'513 m high mountain rises steeply 2'080 metres above the Lake Lucerne.

Switzerland 1941, Lake Lucerne.


Switzerland 1914
View from Brunnen towards summits at western shore of Lake Uri 

Switzerland 1928.
The two stamps 1914 and 1928 were issued in the series "High Value Pictorial Definitives".


www.mountainstamp.com mount Gitschen mountain stamp

Switzerland 1938, Mt. Gitschen, seen from Tell Chapel.
(printed on yellowish paper)


Gitschen stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli issued 1938 Switzerland

Switzerland 1938
Mt. Gitschen in the background.  


Fluelen train station stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli Niederbauen  mountain

Switzerland 1947, Mt. Niederbauen, seen from Flüelen trainstation.