Churfirsten Range 2'306 m
Churfirsten on postmarks Churfirsten on Swiss Soldier stamps

Churfirsten is a sub range of the Appenzell Alps. Its highest peak is Hinterrugg at 2'306 m. The peaks of the Churfirsten range raises steeply on the North side of the Lake Walen at 419 m to 2’306 m above sea level.

The peaks of the Churfirsten Range from West to east: Leistchamm 2'101 m, Glattkamm 2'198 m, Nägeliberg 2'163 m, Schären 2'194 m, Wart 2'068 m, Selun 2'205 m, Frümsel 2'267 m, Brisi 2'279 m, Zuestoll 2'235 m, Schibenstoll 2'236 m, Hinterugg 2'306 m, Chäserugg 2'263 m.


Panoramic view from Lake Walen.
Panorama of the Churfirsten with identified peaks you can see here.

Panoramic view towards Churfirsten Range from the north (Toggenburg).


Switzerland 1941, Churfirsten Range stamp Briefmarke francololli issued 1941

Switzerland 1941, plane over Churfirsten Range.
View from the south-east.
The stamp was issued in the series "Definitive - Airmail Stamps".  


Walensee Churfirsten Alvier Range stamp Briefmarke francobolli issued Switzerland 1956r

Switzerland 1956, Walensee (lake).
At the left there is the westernmost peak of the Churfirsten Range, the Leistkamm (2'201 m).
In the background there are the summits of the Alvier Range.

Switzerland 2017 Churfirsten stamps
Switzerland 2017, Churfirsten Range.
The stamps were issued in sheets of three series.