Atlantic Ocean
South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands

Falkland Islands Dependencies

Definitive Stamp series 1980


map of South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands  
Bird & Willis Island

Gulbrandsen-Lake &
Neumayer Glacier
and the Three Brother massif 

Shackleton House, King Edwards Point in the Cumberland Bay.
Mt. Sugartop   

Shackleton Memorial in the
Cumberland Bay.
Mt. Nordenskjöld & Roots

Sir Ernest Shackleton's Grave at Grytviken
Church at Grytviken  
Coaling Hulk "Louise" at Grytviken.
Candlesmas Island  
View from Cook-Island towards Twitcher Rock
RRS „John Biscoe II“in the
Cumberland Bay
(Mt. Paget)
RRS "Bransfield" in the
Cumberland Bay
(Mt. Paget)  
HMS „Endurance“ in the Cumberland Bay