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La Cueva del India is located (appr. 18°29'33.89"N 66°38'30.42"W) in Arecibo Municipality on Puerto Rico’s north coast.  In 1992, the Planning Board of Puerto Rico designated Cueva del Indio as a Natural Reserve. The site got its name from the great number of engravings, known as petroglyphs, found on the walls.


USA 2016 La Cueva del Indio Puerto Rico stamp

USA 2016, La Cueva del Indio.
The stamp was issued in the series "American Landmarks".

The stamp depicts an unnamed natural arch eroded by wave action through an ancient coral reef (limestone). It is the largest of the three sea natural arches among the attractions of the Cueva del Indio tourist area. It has a span of about 22 metres.




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