K2 8'611 m
The Eight-Thousanders
Pakistan map K2
The K2 is after the Mt. Everest the second-highest mountain on earth. The mountain marks the Pakistan-China border (chinese name is Qogir). The K2 is seperated by the Baltoro Glacier and Concordia from the Gasherbrum massif.

First Ascent: 31.07.1954, Italian expedition, Achille Compagnoni & Lino Lacedelli.
The expedition was led by Ardito Desio.  

Other members:
Erich Abram, Ugo Angelino, Walter Bonatti, Mario Fantin, Cirillo Floreanini, Pino Gallotti, Guido Pagani, Mario Puchoz, Ubaldo Rey, Gino Soldà and Sergio Viotto.


Pakistan 1954 K2

Pakistan 1954, "First ascent of K2".

Of the 1954 (value 2 anna) stamps there do not exist official First Day Covers of Pakistan Post Office. All different designs of FDC's were printed by philatelic clubs. 

note: overprinted stamps "Bangladesh" are existing.
Authentic overprints are only the ones that are on a letter from Bangladesh posted to some other countries with receiving postmark of the receiving country or ones that carry a special postmark of Bangladesh.


K2 Italy 1955 never issued stamp

Italy 1955, "First Ascent of K2".
The stamp designed by R. Mura was never officially issued.
It seems there are existing 80 or 160 pieces (imperforated with gum and watermark).
(reprints and forgeries are also existing)

4 other designs designed by M. Alfonsi were initially presented, but not printed. Postcards of this 4 designs are often offered in the net.  



Pakistan 1981 K2 mountain stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli

Pakistan 1981, K2

left stamp:
K2 (8'611 m) , Broad Peak (8'051 m) and Gasherbrum II and IV.
(The summit at the right (behind) seems to be the Gasherbrum I and the summit between Gasherbrum II and IV is Gasherbrum III. 
The stamp was issued in the series "Mountains". 


Pakistan 1984 K2

Pakistan 1984, 20 years of PIA's China Service.


Pakistan India 1988 K2

India 1988, K2 seen from Concordia.
The stamp was issued in the series "Himalayan Peaks".


K2 Mountain stamp issued Liberia 2001

Liberia 2001, K2 and The Great Wall in China
The stamp was issued in the series "A Philatelic Tour of The World".


Romania stationery envelope K2 mountain 2001

Romania 2001, Stationery envelope.


Pakistan 2002 K2

Pakistan 2002, K2 "World Summit on Sustainable Development".


Pakistan 2002 K2 Tuvalu

Tuvalu 2002, K2.
The miniaturesheet was issued in the series "The International Year of Mountains".  


Pakistan K2 2003 Powered Flight

Pakistan 2003, K2 "100th Anniversary of Powered Flight".  


Pakistan 2004 K2 Golden Jubilee stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli 

Pakistan 2004, K2 "Golden Jubilee First Ascent of K2". 


Pakistan 2004 K2 Golden Jubilee Souvenier Sheet

Pakistan 2004, K2 "Golden Jubilee First Ascent of K2".


Pakistan 2004, Stationery envelope. 


Pakistan 2004 K2 Golden Jubilee Italy

Italy 2004, K2 "Golden Jubilee First Ascent of K2". 



Italy 2004, K2 "Golden Jubilee First Ascent of K2", Maximum card.
(official cartolina)


Romania stationery envelope K2 mountain 2004

Romania 2004, Stationery envelope.
Horia Colibășanu is a Romanian mountaineer. He is the first Romanian to reach the summits of K2 (2004), Manaslu (2006), Dhaulagiri (2007) and Annapurna (2010). He climbed Shishapangma, Makalu and Lhotse as well.

This special card was issued by Pakistan post office on 14 August 2004.
It was issued in limited quantity and those few cards were presented to high ranked post office officials as a souvenir. This item was not offered to collectors like ordinary stamps.  



Pakistan 2017 K2 stamp

Pakistan 2017, K2.
The stamp was issued in the series "International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development".