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Ganesh Himal 7'422 m
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The Ganesh Himal is named after the elephant-headed God of Good Fortune.  The Ganesh Himal is situated about 70 km in the northwest of Kathmandu. The massif is situated between Manaslu Himal in the west and Langtang Himal in the east. The Trisuli Gandaki valley in the east separates it from the Langtang Himal; the Budhi (Buri) Gandaki valley and the Shyar Khola valley on the west separate it from the Sringi Himal and the Manaslu Himal. The highest peak in the range is Ganesh I (also known as Yangra) 7'422 m.

Other peaks of the range are:
Ganesh II (also known as Salasungo) 7'118 m
Ganesh III 7'043 m
Ganesh IV (also known as Pabil) 7'104 m
Ganesh V (also known as Lapsang Karpo) 6'950 m
Ganesh VI (it is a minor summit of Ganesh II) 6'908 m
Ganesh VII 6'350 m  

First ascent of Ganesh I: 24.10.1955 by a Franco-Swiss expedition (Raymond Lambert, C. Kogan and E. Gauchat). 

Nepal 1975, Ganesh Himal stamp Briefmarke francobolli timbre issued by Nepal 1975

Nepal 1975, Ganesh Himal, seen from Kakani (near Kathmandu). 

Nepal 1979 Ganesh IV stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli

Nepal 1979, Ganesh IV (Mt Pabil).  

Nepal 2015 Lamtang National Park stamp timbre Briefmarke

Nepal 2015, Lamtang National Park.
The image shows a view from Laurebina Pass. The ridge of Cholangpati Danda 4'788 m in the foreground and the partly clouded summits of Manaslu Himal (left) and Ganesh Himal (right).

The stamp was issued in the series "Wildlife Reserves - National Parks".



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