Vladas Vitauskas

Vladas Vitkauskas is a leading Lithianian mountaineer.

He became the first Lithuanian to climb Mount Everest on May 10, 1993.

He climbed successfully the Seven Summits between 1993 and 1996, when he raised the same Lithuanian flag on the highest peak of each continent. Vitkauskas has also climbed the highest peaks in the former Soviet Union, Peak Korzhenevskaya in 1989, Lenin Peak and Khan Tengri 1990.

Lithunia issued in the year 1997 a souvenirsheet, which reflects the East European view on Europe and Asia in one continent. Climber Vladas Vitauskas, whose name is listed on the sheet, has reached the Seven Summits including Mount Koscuisko.


Lithunia 1997
The souvenirsheet is showing a world map marking the Seven Summits by a black point. It seems the designer of the souvenirsheet did not plan to show an other summit but Mount Everest. But in reality this is the view of Mount Pumori, which is situated in the neighbourhood of Everest.