Arne Vatnhamar

Arne Vatnhamar (*1973) became the first Faroese to climb the Mt Everest.


Faroe Islands 2015
Arne Vatnhamar as he climbed Mt. Everest.
The stamp was issued in the series "75th Anniversary of The Faroese National Flag".

The following text was published by the postal service of the Faroe Islands (Posta Stamps magazine No 23).

After years of preparation, the 41 year old Vatnhamar had fulfilled his dream: to plant the Faroese flag on the top of the world’s highest mountain.  

But the feat did not come without costs. At the final stage, in an altitude of approximately 8'600 meters, Arne became affected by altitude sickness (HAPE) - water in the lungs caused by lack of oxygen. Despite the danger and severe pain Arne continued towards the top - and at 8.15, local time, he became the first Faroese ever to conquer the world’s highest peak.

But Arne was in danger because of the water in the lungs. It became urgent to get down from the peak: “When I was back down again and safe, it was easier to appreciate and rejoice over this achievement,” says Arne, who is proud to celebrate “Merki’s” 75th anniversary with this picture.


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