Lake Skadar
Bromo Tengger Semeru Nationalpark

The Montenegrian part of the lake was declared as a National Park in 1983. The Lake Skadar is the biggest lake of the Balkan, depending on the water level, ranging from 370 to 530 square kilometers.

The lake is surrounded by the Montenegrian mountains of Lovćen, Sutorman, Rumija and Tarabosh in Albania on the southern side. The mountains are a natural Dinaric barrier, separating the Adriatic Sea from the Skadar Lake basin. 

The landscape of the lake consists of three very different elements – the marshlands of the northern shores, the open waters of the lake and the mountainous karst landscape of the southern and western shores.


Governatorato del Montenegro 1943
Skadar Lake.
The Italian governorate of Montenegro (Italian: Governatorato del Montenegro) existed from October 1941 to September 1943 as an occupied territory under military government of Fascist Italy during World War II.



Yugoslavia 1965, Skadar Lake atsmp timbre Briefmarke francobolli.

Yugoslavia 1965, Skadar Lake.


Yugoslavia 1973 Skadar Lake stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli

Yugoslavia 1973, Skadar Lake.


Montenegro Yugoslavia 1992 stamp timbre Brefmarke francobolli Skadar Lake.

Yugoslavia 1992, Skadar Lake.



Yugoslavia 1994, Skadar Lake.
The northern shore of the Lake Skadar looks more as a network of winding rivers and wetland than a lake. 


Montenegro 2002
The label shows Lake Skadar.