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Odle Group 3'025 m

The famous Odle mountain massif (Geisler Spitzen) of the Dolomites is located between the Val di Funes and the Val Gardena, in the heart of the Puez-Odle nature park. (Italian name, Gruppo delle Odle).

The main peak of this mountain range is the Sass Rigais, which is 3'025 m high. Other important peaks of the impressive Odle mountain group are Sass da l’Ega (2'924 m), Odla di Valdussa (2'936 m), Sass de Mesdì (2'762 m), Odla di Funes (2'800 m), Campanile di Funes (2'834 m), Gran Fermeda (2'873 m) and Piccola Fermeda. 


Oldle Group stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli

Austria 2009, Christmas.
The St. Magdalena Chapel and the Sass Rigais.
Painting by Reinhold Stecher (1921-2013, Austrian Prelate of Roman Catholic Church.  

Solomon Islands 2014
The illustration of the miniaturesheet shows a TGV of the French National Railway Company (SNCF) running in the Villnöß-valley (Val di Funes). It shows a mirror-inverted view towards the Sass Rigais 3'025 m, highest peak of the Odle Group.

The miniaturesheet was issued in the series "European Speed Trains".
In the Villnöß-valley (Val di Funes) there isn't any railway line.

An image (postcard) of the real view you can see below.

Sass Rigais

Postcard, St. Magdalena (Santa Maddalena) and the Odle Group. 


Italy  2015 Odle Group Gruppo delle Odle stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli

Italy 2015, Odle Group.


Italy 2016, "Speck – Alto Adige IPG".
The background of the image depicts the view from Chiesa di S. Maddalena (Val di Funes) towards the Odle group.


Niger 2016
background: Odle Group.
The stamp was issued in the series "European Speed Trains.

Mozambique 2016, Ferrari 125 S,
Portrait of Enzo Ferrari (1898–1988)
background: Odle Group.
The stamp was issued in the series "70th anniversary of the first Ferrari car".




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