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Heimaey is a volcanic island of 13.4 km². It belongs to the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago and is situated 7.4 km outside the main island of Iceland.

Heimaey was formed by the combination of several eruptions.

The oldest parts of the island are the "Norðurklettar" (means northern cliffs): this is Dalfjall and on the other side of the island, the cliffs Heimaklettur, Miðklettur and Ystiklettur. This was 10-12 thousand years ago.

The southern part of Heimaey (Stórhöfði) was formed about 6000 years ago.

About 5000 years ago the Stakkabótagígur crater was formed, which is one kilometre in diameter.

Helgafell erupted shortly after and connected the different parts.

The youngest part of the island was formed during the Eldfell eruption, that began on the night of January 23rd, 1973. 

Iceland 1950/1954, harbour of Heimaey.


Greenland & Danmark 1973, eruption of Eldfell volcano on the Heimaey island. 



Iceland 1975, eruption of Eldfell volcano on the Heimaey island.

The stamp is showing the 1973 eruption and the new mountain, the 200 metres high Eldfell volcanic cone. Its name means Mountain of Fire in Icelandic. 

Iceland 2003, Heimaey island .

Iceland Heimaey stamp timbre riefmarke francobolli issued 2012

Iceland 2011, Heimaey.
Painting of Júlíana Sveinsdóttir (1889-1966).


Iceland 2013, "Morgunblaðið 100th Anniversary".
On the stamp is shown a picture of the 1973-eruption on Heimaey. 


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