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The Palatinate Forest (german: Pfälzerwald) is a low mountainous region in southwestern Germany. The area is protected as Palatinate Forest Nature Park and forms together with the northern the part of Vosges Mountains in France the UNESCO-designated Palatinate Forest-North Vosges Biosphere Reserve, one of the biggest forests in Europe. The highest elevation in the Palatinate Forest is Kalmit (672 m).

Within the Palatinate Forest can be found more than 200 impressive rocks of multi-coloured sandstone formations.


Germany 1947 Teufelstisch stampGermany 1948 Teufelstisch stamp 4 PfennigGermany 1948 Teufelstisch stamp 16 Pfennig

Germany 1947/1948, Devil's Table.

The Devil's rock is a 14 metres high mushroom rock and located (49°11'41.68"N 7°44'37.12"E) near the village Hinterweidenthal. Since the 19th century on it's table was a roughly 6 m high pine, which is shown on the three postage stamps above. In the year 1999, the big tree fell a HailStorm to the victims. Now a younger pine stands on the table with smaller crown. It is shown on the german postage stamp, issued 2014 (scroll down).


Schiller Felsen Dahn Briefmarke Felsentor

Regio Post Pfalz 2010-2017, Dahner Felsenland & Pfälzerwald.

The "Dahner Felsenland" stamp shows a rock arch, known as Schiller Felsen, the stamp is existing in denominations 50, 53, 57 and 65 Cent. The Schiller Felsen is located (49° 9'0.34"N 7°46'16.83"E) and can be found just east of the municipality Dahn along the hiking trail "Dahner Felsenpfad". Other formations along the trail are known as Pfaffenfelsen, Ungeheuerfelsen, Schwalbenfels, Büttelfels and others.

RegioPost Pfalz is a privat postal operator in the Pfalz region (Palatinate region) in Germany.



Germany 2014 Devil's table stamp gummedGermany 2014 Devil's table stamp gummed

Germany 2014, Devil's Table.
The stamp is existing gummed and perforated / self-adhesive and die-cut.





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