The Rapa island, also known as Rapa Iti, belongs to the Austral archipelago of French Polynesia. The island covers about 40 square kilometres. The summits of the island are known as: Mt. Perahu (633 m), Mt. Motu (466 m), Mt. Pukumaru (583 m), Mt. Tautautu (543 m), Mt. Makatea (484 m), Mt. Tepiahu, Mt. Pukunia (403 m), Mt. Vairu (358 m) and Mt. Kerere (140 m).

France 2010 www.mountainstamp.com French Polynesia Rurutu island stamp
French Polynesia 2012, Rapa island.
The stamp was issued in the booklet "Paysages de Polynésie".