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Seven Rila Lakes
Bromo Tengger Semeru Nationalpark
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Bulgaria map Seven Rila Lakes

The cirque of the Seven Rila Lakes is a famous group of seven lakes on the northern side of the Maljovica Ridge, which is part of the Rila Mountains. They are located at an altitude between 2'095 and 2'535 metres above sea level and surrounded by the Haramiyata peak in the east, the Razdela (2'618 m) and the Otovishki Peak (2'696 m) in the south.

The seven lakes are known as: The lower Lake (2'095 m), The Fish (2'184 m), The Trefoil (2'216 m), The Twin (2'243 m), The Kidney (2'282 m), The Eye (2'440 m) and the Tear 2'535 m).


Bulgaria 1940, plane over Rila Mountains.
The stamp shows an areal view towards the Maljovica Ridge with the Seven Lakes area.


Bulgaria 2001 Golden eagle Rila lakes stamp

2001. Golden Eagle over the Seven Rila Lakes area. 


Bulgaria 2014 Peter Deunov miniaturesheet Rila mountains Seven Lakes Area stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli

Bulgaria 2014, "Peter Deunov".
The illustration shows a view of the Seven Lakes.
Peter Deunov (1864 - 1944), also known as Beinsa Douno, was a teacher of Esoteric Christianity.


A label of the miniaturesheet "Eco Tourism 2003" shows a view of the Seven Lakes area towards the Haramiyata peak and the ridge to Razdela.



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