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Bromo Tengger Semeru Nationalpark
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The Cordillera Real extends from north-west to south-east for about 125 kilometres. The range is located southeast of Lake Titicaca and east of the Bolivian capital of La Paz. Seven summits are higher than 6'000 metres: Illimani (6'438 m), Ancohuma (6'427 m), Illampu (6'368 m), Ch'iyar Juqhu (6'127 m), Huayna PotosI (6'088 m), Chachakumani (6'074 m) and Pico del Norte 6'070 m).


Bolivia 1939, Vicuna.
The mountain in the background looks in number of ways like the north-west face of the Huyana Potosi, but not confirmed.


Bolivia 1941, Lake Titicaca, Cordillera Real.
The 10 value stamp is existing as stamp on stamp from 1942.
please see below


Bolivia 1942, Philatelic exhibition in La Paz
Series of 6 stamps
Stamp on stamp (issued 1941.



Bolivia 1974 50 years Bolivian Air Force (FAB) stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolliBolivia 50 years Bolivian Air Force (FAB) stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli 1974 stamp overprinted 1996

Bolivia 1974/1996, "50 years Bolivian Air Force (FAB)".
The mountain looks like the Huayna Potosi seen in distance from across the altiplano.


Bolivia 1995, Andean Condor, Llama and Alpaca.
It is not known, if the mountains shown in the background belong to a real panoramic view. Probably it is an artists composition of three peaks.


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