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Cerro de Potosi 4'800 m
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1868 – 1999

The Cerro de Potosi, also known as Cerro Rico, is located near the Bolivian city of Potosi, which is an UNESCO world heritage site.

Cerro Rico is meaning ‘rich mountain’ in spanish. The mountain is a silver mine with an amazing story.

According to official records, 45'000 tons of pure silver were mined from Cerro Rico between 1556 and 1783. During that period Potosi was an extremely wealthy place and more populous than both, London and Paris. 

The mountain in the center of the Bolivian Coat of Arms represents the Cerro de Potosi.


Bolivia 1916, Cerro de Potosi.


Bolivia 1930, Cerro de Potosi.


Bolivia 1928, In the background the Cerro de Potosi (left) and Mt. Illimani (right).
The value 15 stamp is existing imperforated as well.


Bolivia 1930, overprinted series "Graf Zeppelin"
In 1930 Bolivia the series was overprinted for use on the South America Flight of the Graf Zeppelin.



Bolivia 1937
The value 35 stamp of the 1928 series is existing overprinted
"Correo Aéro D.S. 25-2-37" 0.20, 2.50 and Bs. 1.


Bolivia 1943, Cerro de Potosi.


Bolivia 1950 Cerro Roco Potosi stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli

Bolivia 1950, Cerro de Potosi.


Bolivia 1968, "100 year Bolivian postage stamps".
It shows a stamp design from the year 1863, it never became a stamp and shows Cerro de Potosi.

Bolivia 1968 Cerro Rico stamp

Bolivia 1968, miniaturesheet (imperforated).


Bolivia 1971, Vicente Bernedo von Potosi (1562-1619).
The Cerro de Potosi in the background.
(The stamp is existing imperforated from 4 different souvenitrsheets)


Bolivia 1978, Cerro de Potosi stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli

Bolivia 1978, Cerro de Potosi.


Bolivia 1987, Cerro de Potosi.
The stamps were issued again 1991 as stamps on stamps in the postage stamp "20th Anniversary, Bolivian Philatelic Federation". Bolivia Cerro Rico Potosi stamp 1989

Bolivia 1989, Cerro de Potosi.


Bolivia 1989
The Cerro de Potosi on Bolivian ¼Sol Silver Coin 1852. Cerro Rico Potosi mountain stamp 1991

Bolivia 1991, "20th Anniversary, Bolivian Philatelic Federation"

Gate of the Sun at Tiahuanacu, stamp on stamp (issued 1983).
Cerro de Potosi, (two stamps) stamps on stamp (issued 1987).
Mt. Illimani stamp on stamp (issued 1990). Bolivia mining town of Potosi issued Guyana 1997

Guyana 1997, mining town of Potosi.
The stamp was issued in the series "50th Anniversary of Unesco".

1868 – 1999


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