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Pico Volcano 2'351 m
Bromo Tengger Semeru Nationalpark
Azores map Pico Volcano

The Mt. Pico on the Pico Island is an active volcano and the highest mountain of the Azores archipelago. The most recent eruption is reported from the year 1720. The crater on its summit has a diameter of about 500 metres. Within this about 30 metres deep crater there is an about 70 metres high volcanic cone, known as Pico Pequeno, which marks the real summit of the Mt Pico.


Portugal Azores 1999, Mt. Pico.
The stamp was issued in miniaturesheet of three stamps, please see below.


Portugal Azores 1999, Mt. Pico (miniaturesheet).



Portugal Azores 2003, Mt. Pico.


Portugal Azores 2004, Mt. Pico.


Portugal Azores 2006, Mt. Pico.


Portugal Azores 2006
The illustration of the miniaturesheet is showing the Mt. Pico.



Portugal Azores 2009, Laguna Capitão & Mt. Pico in the background.


Portugal Azores 2012
One stamp of the miniaturesheet is showing a view from Horta on Faial Island towards the Mt. Pico.
The other stamp is showing the passenger ship "Funchal", built 1961.



Portugal Azores 2013/2015
water-activated/perforated & self-adhesive/die-cut.
The Pico volcano in the background.


Portugal Azores 2016, "Cept – Think green" stamp miniaturesheet Pico volcano

Portugal Azores 2016, "Cept – Think green".

The stylized illustration of the souvenirsheet represents the green landscape of the Azores with the Pico volcano in the background.


Portugal Azores 2016
The illustration shows the Pico volcano.
The souvenirsheet was issued in the series "The Acores – Certified by Nature".



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