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Andorra unknown
worldwide unknown

unknown mountains on postage stampsĀ 



Andorra France 1983 unkown Mountain stamp

Andorra (France) 1983


Andorra France 1986 Ansalonga mountain stamp

Andorra (France) 1985, Ansalonga.


Andorra Valle de Canillo Soldeu El Tartar mountain stamp

Andorra France 1993, Soldeu - El Tartar Ski resort.


Andorra France 2008 unkown mountain stamp

Andorra (France) 2008.


Andorra France 2009 unkown mountain stamp

Andorra (France 2009)


Andorra Spain 2011 unkown mountain stamp

Andorra (Spain) 2011


The Legend of Moixella stamp

Andorra (France) 2013


Andorra (Spain) 2013, Jazz Festival.


Andorra (Spain) 2016, Andorran Diversity - French Community-


worldwide unknown